Environment-related Materials

Solar Power Generation

  • Solar panel modules

    We have have 4 types of the Solar panel modules. First, "single-crystal" that are highly efficient in polysilicon conversion. Second, "polycrystalline" that are currently in the mainstream considering various factors such as cost. Third, "thin film (amorphous)" that are suitable in processability and mass production. Forth, "compound (CIGS, CISs) that do not use silicon."
    There are a variety of methods for installation. "Roofing" which is installed on the roof as itself (also can be installed on a wide various types of roof). "Integrated construction material" in which the solar cell is integrated with the roofing material. "Light-through" type which is capable of transmitting light with an emphasis on design. And "High-altitude type" which can be installed in a skyscraper.

  • Components for solar power generation systems


      • High-transparency white sheet tempered glass used in general solar cells.
      • Flat-reinforced glass used on the back side of "Light- through" type.


      • EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin) sheet.
      • Sheets of olefin-based synthetic resins, etc.
      • Raw materials and additives for sheets.


      • Composite resin sheet with moisture barrier and electrical protection.
      • Composite sheets.


      • Two-color extrusion using olefinic elastomer as material is possible.
      • Butyl rubber-based sealant.

      Terminal box (potting agent, adhesive), extension cable, connecting box

      • Compact and large-capacity electric current can be energized in accordance with various authorized organizations.
      • Long cable shipping is possible to match the property.

      Aluminum flame (aluminum extrusion mold material), various platforms, and metal fittings

      • Proposal of shapes are available.
      • Wind resistance tests is available.