Electronics Material

Electronics Material Department handles a wide variety of products from upstream to downstream products. Based on the know-how of synthesic resin and chemical products we have been developing since foundation, we are contributing to our customers by providing flexible ideas in the areas of LCDs, boards, semicircuits and automotives.
Other products are sold in response to the diverse needs of the industry, such as state-of-the-art electronics, printers, copying machines, smartphone and entertainment equipment.
We are also focusing on global procurement through alliances with leading overseas manufacturers. While customers shift and expand their production bases to overseas, we are strengthening sales activities and logistics in collaboration with local subsidiaries, particularly in Asia.

  • HDD


    HDD internal motor assembly, camera module & optical lens periphery
    Low-temperature curing, perfect liquid, low outgas, low halogen and conductivity. All of which feature materials perform their functions depending on the application.
    Precision cleaning agents, parts transfer trays, etc.

  • FPC


    FPC, RFPC & RPC-substrates.
    ‹Process film›
    Excellent heat resistance, which combines mold releasability and moldability. A release cushion film demonstrates its excellent function in the press process of FPC substrates, etc. Excellent multi-layer extrusion technology allows a single sheet to have a variety of roles.
    Polyimide and various films.
    (Film processing is also available.)

  • Liquid Crystal

    Blind functional liquid crystal film

    Blind functional liquid crystal film
    Switching the space instantaneously it has unlimited apllication such as design, privacy assurance, and image production screens.
    This blind functional liquid crystal film is ideal for use in residential spaces such as offices, hospitals and stores.
    Various coating materials and adhesives such as hard coat and antifouling coat
    FPC, anti-static transfer trays, etc.

  • Main Products

    ● Specialty Functional Resins

    Liquid crystal components, HDDs and automobiles field

    Photo-and thermal-curing resins
    • Surface coating agent
    • For casting
    • Lens forming adhesives
    • Optical film adhesive
    • Hard coat (for optical use, anti-static, high refractive index)
    • Sensitizer
    One-part thermosetting resin
    • High-reliability quick-cure type
    • Low temperature curing type
    • Conductivity type
    • Complete liquid type
    • Low outgas type

    ● High-Performance Detergents & High-Performance Films and Sheets

    Semiconductors, substrates and smartphone fields

    Water-based detergent
    • For flux and cream solder
    • For processing oils and liquid crystals
    • For high-performance semiconductors
    • Oil/water separation functionalized type
    • Cheap type
    Special film
    • Releasability
    • Heat resistance
    • Low contamination
    • Low electrification
    • Low dielectric property
    • Gas barrier property
    • Water vapor barrier property
    • Easy peel property
    • Thermal foam releasability
    Sheets and trays for vacuum forming
    • General antistatic
    • Persistent antistatic
    • High antistatic
    • Abrasion resistance
    • PS co-contractility
    • Antimicrobial

    ● Rare Earth Oxides & Sol Products

    Automotive and liquid crystal fields

    Composite oxide
    • Cerium
    • Tungsten
    • Titanium
    Ceramics oxide sol
    • Zirconia
    • Ceria
    • Silica

    ● High-Performance Absorbent Materials & Tubes

    Information devices fields

    Various ink absorbent materials
    • High absorption
    • High diffusion
    • High retention
    Various types of waste liquids and supplies
    • Gas barrier property
    • Chemical resistance
    • Restorability
    • Flexibility
    • Heat resistance
    • Antimicrobial

    ● New Energy & Materials

    • LED-related parts and materials
    • Solar-related parts and materials
    • Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Wave Suppression Materials
    • Master batches of various engineering plastics CNT
    • High-performance engineering plastics and elastomers
    • Vacuum pressure housing decorative transfer device and film
    • LiB-related materials
    • OLED Related Materials