Environment-related Materials

Having a motto of making our life comfortable and convenient, We have been offering chemicals and synthetic resins.
In addition, we propose and build a recycling systems for environmentally relevant products under the motto of "save the earth."

  • Biomass Plastic

    Although our lives have become rich and convenient, a recycling-oriented community saving the limited resources and energy is now required.
    We have bioplastics (Biodegradable and Biomass plastics) shown in the below chart and environmentally friendly additives such as Biomass plasticizers as well as Biomass MB.
    Through these products and as a member of CLOMA (Clean Ocean Material Alliance), we are enthusiastically engaging to decrease marine plastic debris.

    Reference: Modified “プラスチック概況” (プラスチック資源循環戦略小委員会資料5、平成30年9月, Japan BioPlastics Association) by Showa Kosan Co.,Ltd.
    Technical Terms:
    *PVA: polyvinyl alcohol, PGA:Polyglycolic acid、 PBS:polybutylene succinate、PBSA: polybutylene succinate-co-adipate
    *PBAT: Polybutylene adipate terephthalate, PETS:Polyethylene terephthalate succinate
    *PLA:Polylactic acid, PHA:Polyhydroxy alkanoate, PHBH:3-Hydroxybutyric acid-3-hydroxyhexic acid copolymerized polyester

  • High Function Water-Based Cleaning Agent

    CFCs, once called as a revolutionary cleanser, is now regulated in many countires around the word since it is considered as a contributor to environmental impacts, such as ozone depletion. Since long time ago, We have been providing water-based detergents that are highly detergent, functional, and environmentally friendly, having surfactants as a main ingredient.
    In addition, the oil/water separation function allows separation into oil (dirt) and water layers. Therefore, the oil layer (dirt) can be reused as waste and the water layer as rinse water again. As a result, significant cost reductions become possible.
    We propose not only cleaning agents but also cleaning devices, so please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

  • Solar Power Generation

    Nuclear, thermal, hydro, wind, and solar power. We have relied on fossil fuels for energy consumption, which continues to increase year by year. Photovoltaic power generation is catching attention as an alternative to limited fossil fuels.
    With advanced technology, roof types solar modules that utilize the aspects of buildings are also developed. Also, there are post-attachment types, which can be installed just by putting some extra work on existing buildings.
    In addition to our products, we also handle parts and materials for photovoltaic power generation systems. We provide environmentally friendly clean energy.

  • Products Complying with VOC Regulations

    VOC is a generic term for organic compounds that are volatile and become gaseous in the atmosphere. Approximately 200 types of VOCs, including toluene, xylene, and ethyl acetate, are widely used in adhesives, paints, printing inks, and cleaning agents.
    On the other hand, VOCs produce both SPMs (suspended particulate matter), which damages human body by becoming deposits through respiratory system, and photochemical oxidants, which has harmful effect to the body by stimulating eyes, throat, and respiratory system due to reaction in the air.
    Therefore, the revised Air Pollution Prevention Law came into effect in April 2006, which combines "laws and regulations" with "voluntary efforts" by businesses to curb VOC emissions. We propose alternative products with fewer VOC ingredients, depending on the status of your efforts.

  • Biodiesel Fuel Additives

    Biodiesel fuels, made from methyl esterified rapeseed oil, soybean oil, palm oil, etc., have problems of being susceptible to oxidative degradation and becoming solid in the cold regions since they are vegetable derived.
    To solve these problems, it is necessary to add the oxidation stabilizers and pour point depressants, etc. Through selling these materials, we are contributing to global warming and CO² reduction.