Environment-related Materials

Highly performance water-based cleaning agent

  • Highly performance water-based cleaning agent

    While water-based and having more detergency than solvents, It is a high-performance detergent that can be used in a wide range of applications: from electronic & precision parts to general metal parts. Also some have an added oil/water separation function. It is useful for cleaning a printed circuit boards, liquid crystal panels, glass substrates, precision parts, metal parts, and plating resists.


    • Higher detergency than solvent.
    • Water-based cleaner and is a non-hazardous material.
    • Component-friendly cleaning agent.
    • Easy to treat wastewater.
    • Excellent environmental safety.

      Positioning in the market

      High-performance cleaning agent

  • High-performance semiconductor-related agent

    Chemicals used in the semiconductor manufacturing process are required not only having cleaning features but also have functions such as dispersed, wetted, permeated, peeled, and etched. In response to various demands in the semiconductors field and innovations in manufacturing technology, this material is able to contribute through interfacial control technology.


    • Having surfactants as main components, it is a highly functional agent for wafer and semiconductor manufacturing processes.
    • A function of surfactant; cleaning, wetting, penetration, emulsification and dispersion is able be applied to a variety of wafer and semiconductor processing, which improves washability and processing properties.
    • Contains less particles and heavy metal ions and it is a highly purified agent.
    • Water-based and non-hazardous.


    • Cleaning of silicon, compound semiconductors, ceramics, quartz, etc.
    • Improves wettability of various chemical liquids.
    • Clean photomask, hard disks.
    • Removal of sidewall polymer and resist.

  • Diluent cleaning agent

    Can be used in a wide range of fields, from cleaning electronics and mechanical parts to chemical compounding tanks.


    • It has cleanability as high as solvent.
    • Dilution with water does not decrease the detergency. (dilution washing is possible.)
    • Suitable for cleaning oil stains such as wax, cutting oil, press oil, mold release agent, pitch, silicon oil, plasticizer, etc.
    • Ables to wash oil stain and inorganic powder simultaneously, while showing excellent rising properties.
    • Less effects on the components.
    • pH is stable in the neutral area and has no effect to a cleaning object.