Industrial Materials

These days, "human and earth friendly" is required. In order to meet these demands, we are actively challenging the development of new products and materials to expand our business.

  • Ground Improvement Materials

    Fine particles for grouting and ultrafine particle cement

    Fine particles for grouting and ultrafine particle cement
    It is an environmentally friendly product utilizing blast furnace slag.
    Significantly expanding the application range of conventional cement-based grouting materials, we are selling ultra-fine particle cement grouting materials that can penetrate and inject into fine sand ground and into microcracks in rock mass.

Main Products

● Civil Engineering Materials

Enviroment friendly civil engineering materials

Civil engineering materials
  • Fine particles for grouting and ultrafine particle cement
  • High-performance water reducer
  • Silica fume
  • Concrete repair materials
  • Water-expanding rubber elastic sealant
  • Various additives for each method of soil improvement
  • Various concrete and cement additives
  • Durable grout material
  • Urethane spray waterproofing material
  • Various adhesives for civil engineering
  • Resin slope drain material for embankment method
  • Various cements and solidifying materials
  • Various kinds of soda silicates for injecting chemical liquids and various curing agents
  • Various resin products for civil engineering
  • Ultrafine particle inorganic additives for high strength concrete

● Building Materials

Materials for saving energy

Building materials
  • Airtight material
  • Damping material
  • Partition material

● Non-Ferrous Metal Materials

Recyclable non-ferrous metal materials

Nonferrous metal materials
  • Aluminum metal
  • Aluminum products
  • Copper products

● Environmental Materials

Materials for renewable energy

Environmental materials
  • Photovoltaic power generation system
  • Materials for solar panels (aluminum frame, gaskets, cables, etc.)