Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Showa Kosan Group enacted the "Declaration of Corporate Behavior" on April 1, 2007, based on the recognition that fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR) at all times as a member of society leads to an increase in the corporate value.
In all business activities, Showa Kosan Group will not only comply with laws and regulations, but also act with integrity in accordance with the "Declaration of Corporate Behavior" based on high ethical standards. This Corporate Behavior Declaration covers all executive officers and employees (including advisors, temporary staff, and temporary staff).

Showa Kosan Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior

  1. Purpose of corporate business activities

    Through its business activeties, Showa Kosan Group will strive to realize a both spiritually and materially fulfilling society by creating and providing useful services and products with due consideration for safety.

  2. Corporate activities that maintain fairness and integrity

    In conducting business activities, Showa Kosan Group will comply with laws & regulations, international agreements, compliance, and will act responsibly in accordance with social norms based on fair competition rules.

  3. Risk management

    Showa Kosan Group will identify various risks that might bother business and work to develop an internal management system in order to prevent the occurrence of such risks. In addition, the company will promptly investigate the facts & causes of any risks that have occurred, and take responsible & appropriate measures as a company.

  4. Respect for Human Rights and Employees

    Showa Kosan Group respects human rights and does not discriminate. The Company shall maintain and improve its corporate vitality through human resource development, and respect the personality, individuality, and autonomy of its employees. In addition, it will comply with the ILO's core labor standards and provide a safe and healthy environment for its employees.

  5. Appropriate Information Disclosure

    Showa Kosan Group will appropriately manage corporate information and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner in order to gain the correct understanding of the general public, including stakeholders (business partners, shareholders, employees, and local communities), and to maintain transparency.

  6. Management of Personal Information and Confidential Information

    Showa Kosan Group shall make every effort to protect personal information obtained in the course of its business and shall not use or divulge such information for any purpose other than the original purpose. In addition, appropriately obtained third party information shall be managed in strict manner to prevent leak both inside & outside of the Company.

  7. Response to Antisocial Powers

    Showa Kosan Group will not have any relationships with antisocial forces that threaten social order and safety. And will respond to unfair demands without compromising and taking a firm stance.

  8. Consideration for the global environment

    Showa Kosan Group strives to protect the global environment in all aspects of its corporate activities and aims for sustainable development, recognizing that no company survive without consideration to the global environment.

  9. Social Contribution Activities

    As a member of society, Showa Kosan Group will actively engage in social contribution activities aimed at realizing a better society. It also supports voluntary social contribution activities by employees.

(Revised: March, 29th, 2013)

Showa Kosan Co.,Ltd. General Employer Action Plan

Based on the "Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation Act," we formulated an action plan as follows in order to ensure that employees can demonstrate their abilities in a harmony between work and life, and by maintaining an comfortable working environment.

  1. Planning period

    Three-year period from April, 1st, 2021 to March, 31st, 2024.

  2. Details

    Target 1: Reduction of overtime working hours


    • From April, 2021.
    • ・ We will work to raise employee awareness by making sure that everyone in the department is well informed, and will continue to thoroughly implement no overtime work day.
    • ・Reduce workload through systematization of paper work. (Improve/optimization of office work)

    Target 2: Encourage to take annual paid leaves.


    • From April, 2021.
    • ・Prepare environment to take paid-leaves easily through setting paid-leaves encouragement date.
    • ・Conduct possible measures to encourage taking paid leaves based on government policies.

    Target 3: Encourage to take male child care leaves.


    • From April, 2021.
    • ・Notify the system for employees.
    • ・Prepare systems to support a balnce of work and child care.

Social Responsibility