Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities

Showa Kosan Group aims for sustainable development by striving to protect the global environment in all aspects of its corporate activities, recognizing that no company can survive without consideration to the global environment.

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate
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We acquired ISO14001:2004 certification as of October 13, 2005.
In addition, as of August 21, 2017, we have completed the transition to ISO14001:2015.
The certification covers the purchase and sale of chemicals, plastics, light metals, civil engineering, construction materials, and Electronics Material for the Head Office, the Nagoya Branch, and the Osaka Branch. The certification body is BSI in the United Kingdom.

ISO14001 Environmental Policies

Basic Philosophy

Showa Kosan Co., Ltd. aims to be a company that can serve and contribute to society through its business activities. At the same time, we strive to protect and improve the global environment by valuing resources, with the aim of becoming an environmentally friendly company.

Basic Policy

Showa Kosan Co., Ltd. will promote environmental activities based on its philosophy in light of the fact that the procurement/sales of plastics & chemicals are the core of its business activities.

  1. We will establish an environmental management system and continuously improve it in consideration of its impact on the environment, and strive to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
  2. We comply with all laws and regulations, ordinances, and other requirements related to environmental aspects.
  3. In our business activities, we will address the following items to the extent technically and economically possible with the aim of improving the environmental impact, and review them as necessary.
    1) Sales of eco-friendly products
    Contribute to environmental protection by working to sell products that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact.
    2) Promoting the efficient use of resources
    We will promote the efficient use of resources and strive to conserve limited natural resources.
    3) Improvement of management system, streamlining of operations, etc.
    Efforts will be made to contribute to the improvement of environmental problems in both directly and indirectly, by establishing an information management system associated with the sale of chemical substances and improving the efficiency of operations.
  4. We will strive to contribute to society by conducting environmental education on a regular and sustainable basis, raising awareness, and promoting environmental protection in familiar lifestyles for all officers and employees.
  5. This environmental policy will be disseminated to all officers and employees and disclosed outside the company.

President & CEO Takashi Ito, April 1, 2020

Environmental Management Organization

We regard environmental protection as an important management issue and have established an environmental management system headed by the president.

Environmental management organization

Environmental Protection Activities

The basis of our activities is to contribute to environmental protection through our business activities.
Since the direct contribution to the environment is limited in the sales activities of trading companies, we are mainly promoting the sale of products that contribute to environmental protection (environmentally conscious products). Our sales activities are directly linked to environmental protection, which enables us to continue our environmental protection activities.
In addition, we take up energy conservation, resource conservation, and waste reduction in our offices as familiar initiatives, and are working on environmental education for our employees in order to raise their environmental awareness.
Example: Collection of PET bottle caps, collection of empty cases of disposable contact lenses, etc.

Targets for Year 2021

The Head Office, Nagoya Branch, and Osaka Branch, which are sites subject to ISO14002 certification, are working to achieve the following activity targets.

  1. Sale of environmentally conscious products
    • Non-halo compound
    • Environmentally friendly resin (Paper & Composite materials/Biodegradable plastics)
    • Raw materials for environmentally friendly detergents
    • Fuel efficient automobile tire materials
    • Lubricant materials
    • Environmentally Friendly Peeling Solutions
    • Aluminum ingot
    • Biocoke
    • Next-Generation Fluorocarbon-Compliant Catalyst Products
    • Additives for biodegradable polymers
  2. Others
    • Take inventory of emergency kits & food stock

Environmental Activities